Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When you can't give away beer!

I'm not sure about you but, if someone offered me a free beer just for the time it would take for them to tell me about a new job I'm interested I think I'd pop in.

Even just for the free beer and then I'd just nod at the person talking, thank them for the beer and disappear.

Well not in Huddersfield. This is exactly what we did, we flyered commuters for two days trying to recruit Industry Managers, we gave free apples, we had a stilt walker we offered free beer!

Take a look at the details on the website.

What did we do wrong, or was it just Huddersfield?

Maybe it all looks to good to be true? Would you like the benefits we offer?
  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Lunches (Monday to Thursday)
  • FREE Fruit
  • FREE t-shirts and winter jacket
  • FREE Laptop and Broadband access at home
  • FREE MP3 player
  • FREE 20 minute massages
  • Out of town location
  • Plus one 'Duvet Day' each year
  • Plus your birthday off each year

I just don't know what more we could have done to entice the great people of Huddersfield, maybe nothing?

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