Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Daily Show Moment of Zen - American Madness!

In the UK for those with only PMT* the only way to see the Daily Show with John Stewart is on Digital Freeview on the More 4 Channel.

For me the Daily Show started off as a curiosity to see if a sense of humour existed in the states. It's now become compulsive viewing not least because of the odd UK comedy star appearance Dave Gorman in particular.

Anyway, apart from the ridiculous utterances of President Bush one of the highlights is the Moment of Zen at the end of each show. Tonight's was particularly cutting.

I can't find a clip but this is a very rough transcription:

TV terror Pundit:
"24 is one of the most popular TV programmes in the US today, and for me
the struggles of Jack Bower against the forces of terrorism is the biggest
endorsement of the {Bush administrations} war on terror I can think of."

I'm no TV exec or political pundit, but how the hell can this woman look herself in the mirror!

*Poor Man's Telly

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