Thursday, June 21, 2007

Public Relations and SEO

Over on Aaron Walls blog he gives a fantastic blog about how PR is the way to go with SEO, Blogging and business in General.

We use PR as a main tool for spreading the word about the company. without it we wouldn't be as well known as we are. It's pretty cheap too if done correctly. Don't be scared of PR use it well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Has Google rounded down your sites PR?

I noticed recently that the PR (little green bar) has been lowered on my site. For at least 2 years it's been PR 7. The ranking for our keywords is fine, the number of visitors is fine as well.

I know that the little green bar doesn't give much information and can't be relied upon but it's just a little disconcerting.

Have Google rounded down PR's in general? After looking at a few other site I think they have. Any ideas? If Matt Cutts is reading I love an idea of what's happened.

If you've had a similar thing happen to your site let me know.

Google using user data to help serps? Surley not!

There's a rumour that Google are using Google Analytics and other Google tools to tweak the way search rankings are shown. I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone, though Matt Cutts denies it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great tips for improving media coverage

Here are some great tips for improving your media coverage.

In my Direct Marketing background I never really trusted PR. I've since learned that you have to be very trusting with it and take your time. essentially the coverage is free and if it helps to spread your message and deliver that kind of return it's got be a good thing.

Take the tips and use them wisely, it pays off.

Still searching for a PR Executive

The hunt for a PR Executive still goes on. The position is for Applied Language Solutions a translation and interpreting company. We've recently been on Dragon's Den are featured regularly in both National and local press and have 8 offices around the world.

Our customers are some of the biggest organisations in the world: Google, Yahoo!, United Nations, Robbie Williams, NHS trusts, HSBC.

The job is based in the Huddersfield office and the perks are fantastic, where else would you get all this:
  • Free lunches
  • Free Fruit
  • Free MP3 Player
  • Free 20 minute Massage ever 2 weeks
  • Free Laptop
  • Free Broadband at home
  • Your birthday off each year
  • A Duvet Day to take when you like
Plus you'll be working for me and I'm not that scary look.

Come on please apply! Email me or with your CV and expected salary.

Only the best and brightest should apply.

Apple launch Safari for Windows

Apple have released a version of the Safari Browser for windows. I love Apple products and if I had the choice at work I'd have a Mac. Unfortunately Microsoft have a strangle hold still so I have to plod through on my PC.

Now you can get a little bit more Mac on your computer by downloading Safari.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why does Microsoft make simple tasks so hard?

I'm writing a spec for a new service. It's essentially a list of titles with subtitles. I'm stuck with a PC and Microsoft word to produce this all I need is to number the main headings and then letter the subheads. Using the numbering feature I managed nicely for a while but as the document got longer it started to screw up and get really annoying.

Please Microsoft build a programme that works, just once. Even Google blogger software lets me do this easier than Microsoft Word.

The Apprentice UK in Lego!

This is fantastic, scenes for the Apprentice UK with Alan Sugar re-created in 3D Lego animation.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Monkey Business Management

The guy who runs the Eden Project in Cornwall in the UK. Runs his business in a very strange way.

If you were going for an interview how would you feel if you were asked to perform a song, dance or tell a story?

I know I'd feel pretty stupid.

The thing is the Eden Project is one of the most successful tourist attractions in the UK, so the people who are being hired like this are producing what people want. So although these methods seem pretty flaky they producing the right results.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Behind the Google curtain - Matt Cutts

Matt Cutt's puts in his twopenneth on the article in the NY Times.

As always Matt gives a little bit more, but it only ever really triggers more questions.

Damn you Google!

Inside the GooglePlex - what goes on in the Google Algo team

What happens inside the Google Algorythm team is a closley guarded secret. The New York Times got a man on the inside and though he's doesn't get much information the article shows that whatever you do there's no point trying to cheat Google.

If you rely on them like I do play it safe, keep to the Google guidelines and build interesting sites with great content.