Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogging is spreading to the non-web generation

Last night my Mother in Law suddenly said to me "What's blogging?". Now this is not her usual type of question, normally it's how are you, you look tired or do you want a coffee. So I was a bit taken a back to say the least.

She'd heard about it on Radio 4 I think, the discussion was about the bloggers in the Iraq war and how they'd got news out during the conflict via blogs. At first she didn't see how she could get involved until I mentioned that it would be ideal to help her with her political ideas. At this she seemed to spark to life and asked me to show her a few blogs the next time she visited. Maybe she'll feel enthused enough to start her own. I hope so, because it's people like her who can do something great with blogs and not just the normal "Cat Blog".

Hopefully I'll be highlighing her blog soon.

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