Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The art of PR without PR

Chris Anderson as ever gives good blog, with deep and meaningful insight (I wish I could too)

This time on the long tail of PR.

If you haven't read "Long Tail" what have you been doing, buy it now and realise the way forward, yes it is that good!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Best Practices for Title Tags

SEOmoz Blog Best Practices for Title Tags

Over on SEOmoz, there's the best article I've seen in a while on whiting title tags.

As with most things you should write for the reader, not for yourself and definately not for a search engine. Writing for search engines make get you the visits you want, but they won't get you any quality.

As any direct marketer knows its converstion that counts.

Found a webmaster

Finally I found my webmaster. Krishan starts in February and I think I've got a good catch, he'll be maintaining the site and doing the SEO for it, luckily its in a good state so he can only improve it really.

I had real trouble finding a good candidate. After talking to a few people it seems I was a bit naive, everyone wants webmasters and SEO staff, but there aren't enough people. So I feel lucky that I found Krishan.

When I looked on Monster (UK) for SEO it gave no results which amazed me, clearly there's a skills gap or people don't know what to put in CV's.

Still if they can't optimise their CV's what hope have they with a website?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Job for a Web Master

Things are really busy and I'm looking to hire a full time Web Master at our head office in Huddersfield to work on

The site is probably the busiest website for translation in the world and recently won a Webby Award. Here's the job description, if you're interested drop me an email.

Job Title – Web Master

Wage Band - £14K - £17K (depending on experience)

Office – Huddersfield

Essential requirements
Knowledge of ASP, PHP, (X)HTML and CSS.
Web Design and Graphics Skills
Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Examples of previous websites worked on
Excellent English
Energetic and full of ideas

Knowledge of Content Management systems
Ability to write copy and articles
Marketing qualification

At least 2 years web design/development experience (not necessarily in business)