Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is this the worlds worst spammer?

Is this the worst ever spam?

I can think of a few reasons for this terrible attempt at spamming:

The guy is just really bad at this and should get back his real job.

He's a trainee and it's his first day.

It's a very very clever attempt to fool me into thinking that there is no way this could be spam, who would be so stupid.

Maybe it's a viral email from a Marketing Company trying to be cutting edge.

I'm no spammer but I'd guess one simple rule could be not to use anarchy in the email address you use.

Whatever the reason it's just really bad.

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  1. K D Mains2:34 am

    Probably not the worst Michie there are far worse than that.

    Funny thing is I posted this here after getting number one on Google for "Worlds Worst SEO" and then finding your page on page one for that as well so thought hey this blogger is obviously learning nd a bit savvy re this and that so l comented - Hey there Michie

    excuse any typos I am partly half auto thinking and have many other things on my mind