Friday, March 27, 2009

A truly beautiful website

I just found the Original Source website via an awards nomination. For me this is a truly beautiful site which sets the tone for sites based solely on design and experience. This would be rubbish for Search Engine Optimisation but that's not the point.

Odd or Genius I can't tell

Yesterday I bought Stuart Maconie's book Pie's and Prejudice. It's a really great book already only on page 46.

When I bought the book in Adsa, the odd thing was that the book was in the Cookery section. Now as far as I can see Stuart hasn't put any recipes in the book it's more of an explanation of what makes the north the north, which is why it appeals to me.

All I can think is that whoever placed the book in the cookery section either just saw the word Pie on the cover and made an assumption or it's a work of pure genius lateral thinking.

I'm hoping its genius.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gmail ads

The ads on my Gmail account can be very very funny.

Just got this one no idea how it connected to my email content but never mind.

Professional Mole Catcher - - Mole Control, Domestic & Commercial No Mole - No Fee.

To the point and utterly brilliant if I lived in Essex and I had a mole problem I'd be straight on to this guy!