Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Internet myopia

Is it just me, or do you suffer from internet myopia too?

Every day I religiously visit the same set of web pages, looking for information, entertainment or just fresh content for a writer I like. I'm happy with how I do this but I get the feeling that I'm missing out on what's out there.

The trouble I have, and you do to if you have a website, is how to get people to make your site part of their daily round of sites and include it in thier own little myopia.

There are a few ways to achieve this both involve a either time or money. Choose whichever you have most of.
  1. Have link bait on your site - Money Solution
    My site is translation services so the link bait we have is free translation. Every body wants something for free and we give it to them. We don't make a penny, but the link bait gives us access to the audience we need.
  2. Update regularly - Time Solution
    Having fresh content is the other way to get and keep new visitors but it takes time. Just pinching other people's news or content is a waste. You need to make your own and make it highly relevant. That way you become and authority and the first and hopefully last stop.

In a ideal world you'll do both, but for most of us mortals you only have the time or money for one. Do one well is the best advice I'd give.

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