Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day in my Life

I really love my digital camera. The really cool thing about it is that there is no cost involved in using it, other than batteries. With camera 1.0 film and processing where quite a cost, which is why when I was a kid photos where only taken on special occasions and everyone had to be positioned and smiling at the camera, or holding something or pointing at something. Pictures where still a luxury.

Well not any more. Now I can take as many as I like and if they are crap they can be deleted. My thought is that if they are essentially free and instant, why should they be deleted?

What better way to catch your life and what's important to you than capturing an image of it. When time's passed you can never, ever get it back so if you have a picture of it you should keep it, cos you can't go back.

Today I took my camera everywhere with me. I shot over 170 pictures, some great, some crap but not one can be re-created. I've just uploaded them here on FaceBook.

The idea was to catch the day from the dull to the mildly interesting. It was my day no one elses.

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