Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Credit Cruch hits home

OK lets get this up front. I know bugger all about the markets I'm not a follower of finance and I struggle to balance my own finances.

Having said all that. Know that the credit crunch is hitting home, exactly where it should with the big banks, don't you think this is karmic justice?

All these years the fat cats in the City and on Wall Street have been gambling with investors money and paying themselves massive unsustainable bonus'. Now they're all upset that the end of million pound bonus' is here and they can't continue to arse up our economy and the world with it.

How on earth where they all so blinkered to think that if they just kept stacking the odds they could keep winning. Well it's beginning to fall, and they've only themselves to blame. The firms that have already gone or have be bought by competitors or a government will actually release all the tension and allow the market to re-group.

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