Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Buying locally is great for you

Not that I work from home I'm very lucky that I can go shopping locally at lunch time. Where I live in Roundhay in Leeds I'm very lucky. We have a great butchers R P Sethcfield which if you read the reviews is said to be one of the best in Leeds if not the whole of Yorkshire. The queue outside at Christmas is testament to the quality of the meat and the service they give.

I'm also lucky to have a great little grocers who sells lovely fresh local fruit and veg. They even have speciality stuff like wild mushrooms and fresh beetroot, sorry can't remember the name, but they're on Street Lane in Roundhay.

The great think is that all the food is top class as well as being great value for money and you get the feeling that you're giving something back to the local community at the same time.

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