Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adventures with my Lomo Camera

Today I bought my first lomo camera. I was undecided between the Holga which I'm sure is more versatile and the Supersamper which takes really cool four shot pictures.

I wanted to see how I got on so I went for the Supersampler. What a great camera. I've take a few pics already and can't wait to develop them and see what I get. I'm taking it to Leeds carnival on Monday should get some great pics there with it.

I think what sold me was the way its all packaged and sold. I saw a tv programme years ago on Lomography and I've wanted a camera ever since. Today I saw one and thought I should just go for it. The box is amazing all on its own I've never seen anything packaged as well. I comes in space age plastic and has a wittily written user manual that easy to use and understand. There's a great coffee table book of pics that comes with it (that could sell for £20 on it's own).

The camera is a delight to hold, its made of rubber and is simplicity itself. There's no conventional viewfinder just a bit of rubber on the corner.

The whole experience is very analogue. This isn't a camera this is a whole new way of life! I'm very excited!

As soon as I've had the pictures developed they'll be uploaded here.

In the meantime get yourself a lomo camera

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