Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't be good in 2009 - be great!

Being good isn't enough. When someone asks you how you are what do you say? Stock answer is "alright" or "ok". How does that make the other person feel? Are they energised? Probably not, but then neither are you. If you say you're great and have a big smile, then they'll feel surprised at first and then feel really good, its a natural reaction to an answer like that and the smile tops it off. Only an android could fail to smile back.

Being great is much better all round than being ok. How do you feel after an ok sleep? Still tired. An ok meal? Still hungry. So why not be great?

I'm not sating that just thinking that will make you a genius but genius starts somewhere. Their minds are clear of all the crap that pulls them down so they can work on being great. Their failures spur them on to get stuff right. Over on Seth's Blog he sums this up better than I ever could.

So for 2009 don't be good - be great!

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