Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tom Peters 100 ways to make more money

Over on Change This a site full of manifesto's, need to write one myself. Tom Peters who's always a very inpiring read has put together the second half of his 100 ways to make more money manifesto.

For those who've never read Tom before, this isn't 100 ways to make a quick few quid. These are truly life changing attitudes which are simple to impliment but that you won't think of while you're stuck up you backside getting on with things and wondering why you're getting your share of the good stuff. Having just read this, lots of little light bulbs have gone off and just reaffirmed for me why I'm changing jobs.

Tom's manifesto is available as a PDF download from the site so you can read it at your leisure and pass it round to your friends and colleagues.

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