Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seth Godin on the Placebo effect

Seth's come up with the goods again. This is a great blog about marketing and a definate read.

It got me thinking about something my mate asked me the other day.

"How do you become and artist?"

My answer is that it's down to perception. As soon as one person, who apprears to have authority, says you are something and give you the title then everyone else will accept it as well. The next objective is to find someone else who agrees with the first person. Then you begin to get a chain and it all builds from there.

Doesn't matter what you want to be as soon as one other person says that what you are, job done. Most people are nervous to give themselves the title though.

So if you want to be an Actor, Rock Star, Model, Marketer (god help you), jockey, keep listing for ever. Then tell someone that's what you are not long after guess what you'll have managed it.

Good Luck in your new Careers!

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