Friday, February 01, 2008

If you know something talk about it

I've just given a free consultation to two guys who are friends of my boss. The original idea was that they needed help with Pay Per Click campaigns. What they really needed was help with marketing thier product full stop.

They've got a business which sells high performance car days, you know 6 laps in a Ferarri. They are getting over run with booking but want to make more out of it.

I probably spent about 1 hour with them and mentioned Pay Per Click for about 2 minutes. They were looking at the problem from the wrong end.

They needed overall advice on how to get thier product to market at the lowest cost with the biggest return on investment.

The best bit of advice I gave them?

Make it easy for your customers to book, get the crap out of the way and make it simple. They'll be adding a large click here to book button to the top of every page.

The return on investment will go through the roof. I'll guarantee that.

If you've got a problem with your site, I'll happily take a look. Failing that ask someone you know who isn't a marketer, doesn't know your product really and doesn't use the web much. If they can't make your site do what you want your customers to do then you need to think again.

My best critic like this, my wife.

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