Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Looking for a link builder in India

As part of the website development for my daytime job at Applied Language I'm looking for a link builder to work from our Indian Office. The website ranks really well in Google and receives over 120,000 unique visitors each day. Here's the job description please email me if you are interested
  • Contacting website owners via email and phone
  • Ensuring that the links are “clean” and pass back Google Page Rank value to our site
  • Ensuring that all links are relevant
  • Managing the negotiation of link exchanges
  • Hitting targets for numbers of links gained
  • Regular progress reports
  • Liaison with the Marketing team and webmaster

Essential Requirements

  • Knowledge of Internet marketing techniques
  • Knowledge of Google webmaster rules
  • Strong English language skills
  • Good IT Skills


  1. Have you tried "Get a Freelancer"? www.getafreelancer.com - you might be able to get a few trial jobs to constitute interviews.

  2. Anonymous6:07 am

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