Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Disagreeing with Seth

It's a first. This morning I read Seth Godin's blog as I do every morning.

Today however I was surprised to see that for the first time I disagree with him.

In his post Letters, Brochures and Email he says that you should never write an email like a Direct Marketing letter. I think he should have added a caveat that you should never write like that if it's a one to one email with a colleague or customer you are interacting with. But when you are trying for a sale of any kind, long direct marketing writing is what wins.

The theory has been tested to death over the years before the Internet was even thought of. I'm sure it's horses for courses but sorry Seth don't agree.


  1. seth godin4:00 pm

    Depends on who you're writing to. If you're writing to someone with permission, the long note isn't appropriate, because they'll write back. If you're writing to someone without permission, you're spamming them, which means you should just go home.

    the thing you sell in an email is not a thing, it's the act of getting a response.

    thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog Seth, I feel really honoured.

    Still not sure I agree maybe it's in my blood becasue I was an offline traditional Direct Marketer for a long time. If the person is in the area of interest for your service/product not letting them know and asking for a response would be against everything I know. Plus my boss would be asking where the sales figures went.

    Thanks again Seth.