Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Daddy's still eating my site...

Big Daddy's still not showing my site. Although watching the threads on Websmaster world this should be fixed soon.

I'm not the only one suffering, Google's Big Daddy has put loadds of sites in "Supplemental" results. Think of the YTS kid backing up all the data and then leaving the CD on the number 62 bus. So rather than chase the bus or ring the company, he just decided to add loads on new results which aren't even remotely relevant!

There have been promises to look into the "problem" and have it fixed in a week or two, but my site and company are suffering due to this, and it's not our fault.

However after much soul searching all this has thrown me into a new frenzy of cleaning up odds and ends. Adding totally new content to the site to future proof it. Having all URL's as absolute links so all pages point to www. Addresses. And ensuring all deleted URL's have 301 redirect added to them.

In the next few weeks if and hopefully when the results get sorted out I'll update you on where I've e got in the rankings. Who knows maybe I'll write a book?

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