Monday, February 27, 2006

Google's Big Daddy Ate my Website!

I love Google, they do a great job. They look after my email, show me amazing detail of the world. But today they crossed a line!

My work site which has been ranking in the top of pretty much all my keywords since I've worked on it has disappeared. Google have "improved" how they rank site and show results. However, when I check what's appearing in place of my pages I find a load of spam sites. With content not as strong or unique. With a poor Page Rank. With little or no links coming in.

My site, which Goolge loved last week, has been dumped by Google now and it's all Big Daddy's fault (he used to be a wrestler you know). And I'm heart broken. How can I woe them back? Well I was doing everything they asked before, every twist and turn reported I doggedly followed. How can I get my ranking back?

Big Daddy more like Giant Haystacks!

I've scoured the web and found no answers, maybe someone out there can help?

I'm really stuck here, any help/sympathy would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Matt C.11:12 am

    You've got my sympathy there, seems to me like Google are favouring websites these days with changing content. For example if you have a website with static text that changes every few weeks, then Google will spit you out.

    However, if you have a site that changes content every 15 minutes, and that content is loosely based on the same theme throughout. Then Google will pickup on the fact that your website must be interesting, and therefore must hold more weight. That's why blog sites, Digg, and social websites rank so well.

    Also, congrats on the Webby ;)