Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BBC NEWS | Technology | China and the break-up of the net

China and the break-up of the net
The announcement of the Chinese proposal for their own set of domain names could spark the beginning of a a whole new internet, not centrally controlled by the US ICANN system. To be honest this can go one of two ways it will either free up the internet so that it's not as tightly controlled by the US- which makes people very edgy or it will mean that there will eventually be several internet around the the world, creating national private networks.

The only way to resolve this as far as I can see is to hand the whole thing to the UN. They're going to be the only people who can be trusted. The problem then is that all the UN's red tape will be added as well.

So maybe we the US control is what we'll have to put up with.

But then do we let the Chinese people have thier liberty supressed even more by thier authorities?

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