Monday, January 26, 2009

PR on a budget

Here are my 8 tips for getting PR on a budget
  1. Get some good, interesting pictures
    Journalists love good, interesting photos always help you getting in the publication. Always supply hi-res, colour, pictures. But don't email then unless specifically asked, they'll jam up their email and you annoy the journalist.

  2. Write a brief company history
    The journalist needs to know who you are and why you should have space in their publication. They need to look good to their editors, make sure you play to that by giving them something interesting

  3. Read your relevant press
    Sounds obvious, but a little research into the right journalist will pay off

  4. Contact the journalist
    Again obvious but make contact. Don't email, phone just before lunch is best. Most journalist don't do early mornings and after lunch is getting close to deadline you'll just annoy them.

  5. Arrange a personal meeting
    If at all possible go and see the journalist. Take them for lunch, it'll give you a good chance to tell them all about your company. Plus they'll get to know you personally. When you meet them make sure you have things ready for them to take away a CD with your great hi-red pictures on, your company history, your latest press releases. Make it easy for them.

  6. Follow it up
    After your meeting, write a personal note to thank them for their time. Don't just wade in with a release, see next point.

  7. Only contact with relevant stories
    Journalists have their own interests, you'll know this you did your research (see point 3). So don't start sending them everything you produce, make sure you only send them relevant stories they are likely to want to run. And ensure your release has an image to go along with it, if requested. One way to get a picture over with out blocking up email is to send over a low-res version with the offer of the print quality one should they want it.

  8. Always say thank you

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