Sunday, October 19, 2008

Animal Farm at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

Last night I went to see Animal Farm at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.

I'm not a theatre goer normally, but I love George Orwell so I booked as soon as I heard about it. I was lucky enough to get tickets for the first preview night and I wasn't disappointed.

Before entering the theatre I wondered how the animals would be represented. The result was a great halfway house so that the characters where visibility human but took on their animal characteristics. The set was fantastic to showing a whole range of aspects of the farm from the chicken shed to the farm house itself.

Sound and music was used to great effect to give a feeling of terror and wonder at the same time.

This is a great adaptation of a great book, if you get the chance go and see it, If not at least revisit Animal Farm the book, or try out the film which was funded by the CIA and used as anti Soviet propaganda.

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