Monday, June 16, 2008

Instant Karma's gonna get you!

On Monday I had a very strange night. I was travelling back from Sheffield about 11pm. As I got to the M1 to Leeds, two girls flagged me down.

They said they'd got stranded in Sheffield and someone had given them a lift as far as Barnsley. Being an idiot and reckoning that no one should be stood at the side of the motorway at 11.30 at night I gave them a lift to Leeds. They obviously turned out not to be murderers, or I wouldn't be telling you. They could have been prostitutes though, though that's just a guess!

Anyway I dropped them off near the town centre and felt quite smug with myself. In my head I thought "that'll be great for my Karma, thoughtless act". But Karma has a way of getting you back.Two minutes later in one of the rough areas of Leeds I got a puncture! I rang my friend to come and watch my back, while we were changing the tyre 4 boy racers flew past at about 100 mph and nearly killed us!

So on my birthday I bought a new tyre!

To top it all on Friday (13th), the cover for my allow on the new tyre came off, so now I need to replace that two.

Needless to say I wondering if all this Karma and Buddhist stuff is worth the hassle and I should just turn into a selfish knob head like the rest of the world!

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