Monday, June 09, 2008

Been lazy!

I was going to write that I'd been to busy to add to the blog. But that's crap, I've been too lazy.

Lots has happened to me, I've got a new job at Direct Relations, a Marketing Agency, and I'm loving my new role of Senior Account Manager.

My laziness has had a strange effect on the PageRank for the blog. Last time I posted the PR was 0. I guessed that Google had been playing about again, the blog was fresh and looked after.

Nearly 5 months later, my PR is suddenly 3! I've done absolutely nothing to the blog. I know age of site is a factor in Google's algorithm but freshness is supposed to be one too.

As ever I have no concrete explanation.

I'm sure a better bet is to keep your site/blog up to date. Being lazy isn't much of a tactic whatever you do!

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