Sunday, December 12, 2010

'appen it'll be analogue

I've been knocking around the idea of doing an analogue event for about a year. I love all things digital but I miss the craft and randomness of analogue. My initial thoughts were along the lines of a photographic exhibition mainly because I take loads of pictures with my Lomo and Polaroids and love the fact that I've never any idea what the shots will look like.

How about Social Media without a phone or a laptop, I believe that's called talking how quaint! I'm not against technology, I'd love to see telex machines, old film reels, vinyl records, acoustic music, painting, live performance whatever can be come without the aid of digital equipment.

I guess by now you've seen the slight flaw in my plan... Yes I'll have to promote it digitally and get people involved that way too. But honestly, once it's up and running it'll be all analogue.

As with most of my plans I have NO CASH! Still it never stopped me before. So needless to say at present this is a volunteering idea (aren't all the best?)

So what can you do?

Well I understand I'll need a little help. So that's where you come in. Here a list of the stuff I recon the event needs. Have a look if you can help get in touch and if there's stuff missing ditto. I'd love to make this some kind of festival, even if it's only a day. What say you?

Tick list
  • Venue(s) would somewhere with character
  • Exhibitors/Artists/Performers/Interested parties
  • Volunteers to help run/promote/organise/lend stuff

If you can help drop me an email


  1. What about a steam punk element where analogue meets digital?

  2. What geographical location are you hoping to use?

  3. Great Idea Lea! Can't have any digital though, kind of the point.

    Cindy at the moment it'll be in Leeds