Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jarvis wins over Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury 2009

I'm going to Glastonbury at the end of the month, did I mention it?

Anyway recently I posted about which acts to see at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

I was torn on Saturday night the big headliner is Bruce Springsteen, now I'm not a fan of the Boss never have been, nothing against the man just not my cup of tea. But Springsteen at Glastonbury would be quite an event one probably never to be repeated. So I was going to go.

But then over on the John Peel stage, I think, Jarvis Cocker is headlining up against Bruce. I'm from Sheffield, like Jarvis so my loyalty was tested. Any way I just got Jarvis' CD 'Further Complications' which is great I've listed to it five times already. It's so varied and interesting, pure Jarvis.

So that's it Bruce I'm sure you'll put on a great show but I'm sticking with Sheffield, I'm sticking with Jarvis.

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