Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have you ever recommended a book you've never read?

Seth Godin is pre-launching his new book The Tribe on his only on his blog.

Seth's books are must reads for anyone in marketing because they are a guide to how business should be done and how thinking differently about the world of business helps everyone.

Seth's concept for pushing this book is pure genius and should become the subject of a entire book on it's own, written by a better man than me I'm sure.

Seth's promise is that for all pre-orderers of his book he'll offer untold benefits. Seth has such a loyal following that the offer is already oversubscribed, it was only added today (29th July). Even without this the book is due to be massive, the really clever part is that he's got all the pre-orderers, me included, all ready spreading the word about it. I've no idea what the book is actually about yet but I'm already so sold that I've bought it and I've recommended it to my work colleagues.

Have you ever recommended a book you've never read? I haven't - 'til today.

Order your book now. If you're quick enough you can join the tribe too! Look he's even got me to give a free plug. The man is a legend

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