Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TV's future

This week I missed the beginning of Louis Theroux: Behind Bars this week. I love Louis' shows so I was a bit gutted. I assumed it would be shown again soon on the digital channels. Then at the end of the programme they announced that you could see the whole show again for 1 week on the BBC iPlayer.

I've just watched it again online. This is surely the way the web should work. The time when everything is free will soon be on us. The way the status quo will be maintained will be via rarity.

We're already seeing free Albums from Radiohead and the Charlatans. That's because they know that by increasing their exposure they can sell more tickets to their gigs and sell more t-shirts which is where they make their real cash.

TV will go the same way. You'll still pay for live events or first showings but after that they'll be free.

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