Sunday, September 09, 2007

List of online marketing books

On Linkedin the other day a question was asked about what were the ultimate books about online marketing. The guy who asked doesn't have a blog so I posted it on mine. This is a pretty impressive list which also includes some of the all time marketing classics. I've not read all of them but it's a great starter list for anyone.

  • The Long Tail - by Chris Anderson
  • Citizen Marketers - Ben McConnell and Jakie Huba
  • Waiting for Your Cat to Bark - Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg
  • Word of Mouth Marketing- Andy Sernovitz
  • Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging by John Cass
  • "Secrets of Word of Mouth Marketing" by George Silverman
  • Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins
  • Tested Advertising - John Caples
  • How To Write A Good Advertisement - Victor Schwab
  • Ogilvy on Advertising - David Ogilvy
  • Triggers - Joseph Sugarman
  • Breakthrough Advertising - Eugene Schwartz
  • The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords – Perry Marshall
  • The New rules of marketing and PR: how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing, & online media to reach buyers directly by David Meerman Scott
  • The new influencers : a marketer's guide to the new social media by Paul Gillin
  • Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking by Andy Sernovitz
  • Smart Start-Ups: How Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities by David Silver.
  • The Big Red Fez by Seth Godin


  1. David Meerman Scott3:17 pm

    Hey Richard,

    Thanks for writing this up. I'm flattered that my "New Rules of Marketing & PR" made the cut. Impressive company indeed!

    Cheers, David

  2. Thanks for the mention, definitely some honorable company!

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  4. Anonymous5:58 am

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