Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things to buy a bloke

I'm your typical bloke. And when ever people buy me things as a gift they never get anything I'd like (of course there have been exceptions!)

So to help all those people who don't know what to buy for me or any bloke come to that I decided to make a list. So in no particular order:

  • A big iPod, obvious I know but a definite winner
  • Some really great books. George Orwell, Irving Welsh, something classic I've never read before, stretch my mind. I love that.
  • A really great meal. Not a Bernie Inn. Somewhere special, tapenyaki, sushi, Bulgarian food. It doesn't need to be expensive, just different.
  • A really nice tie. I know that sounds too easy, but a really nice tie goes a long way.
  • Take me to see a comedian I've never heard of.
  • Or a film I would normally turn my nose up at.
  • A day at a Gallery.
  • Drive a long way to see or do something that only takes an hour to do. As long as it's great enough, the drive's well worth it.
  • Take me to a city I've never visited. Edinburgh was great, Sofia is fantastic.
  • Get me to do an activity I've never done before, Archery, flower arranging, bungee jumping
  • Get me some cool furniture. A clock, a really cool cup even.

I think the gist here is surprise and really getting to know someone. This is my list, you have a different one. Make sure your friends and loved ones know yours and importantly that you know theirs. Surprise is the key, but you really need to know someone to pull it off. Take the time it's worth it.

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